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Ceramic Veneers
Greensboro, NC

Woman smiling while at Phillips Prosthodontics in Greensboro, NCWe can shape, brighten and beautify the look of your smile faster and easier than you think. Using ceramic veneers, we can hide imperfections and give you a radiant smile in just two office visits. Working with our team at Phillips Prosthodontics, we can examine your most visible teeth and show you what a difference veneers can make.

Dental veneers are different from crowns, as they are thin shells of medical-grade ceramic that attach to just the visible portion of your teeth. Each veneer is individually customized to fit the look you want, meaning each veneer is unique. Our patients love their veneers because they rapidly make a significant difference while maintaining the natural tooth structure, giving you a beautiful, natural look.

How Dental Veneers Work

Dental veneers alter the size and shape of your most visible teeth. During your initial appointment, prosthodontists can review the result you want to achieve before examining your teeth to make sure that this is achievable, in most instances it is! We may need to take x-rays and impressions to get a better understanding of your mouth.

Once a treatment plan has been decided, we can then prep your tooth or teeth to receive the veneers. At this point, many patients find having their teeth whitened to be a smart choice. Teeth whitening before veneers are placed allows us to match the coloring of the veneers to newly whitened teeth versus teeth that have been stained from regular use, we can not alter the color of the veneer once it’s in place.

Part of the preparation process is preparing the tooth to receive the veneer. We will need to remove a thin portion, about ½ mm, of your enamel to create space for the veneer. We will then take a mold of your teeth to send to the dental lab whose job it is to fabricate your new veneers. You will be given temporary veneers to be worn until your permanent ones are ready.

The dental lab can take between two and four weeks to create your new veneers, we will contact you for an appointment when we have received them. Before placement, we will look at how they fit, check the coloring, and make any necessary adjustments by trimming it down until it fits properly. Prior to bonding, we’ll clean and then etch your teeth, this allows the bond to hold tighter. The veneer is then held in place using dental cement and then cured with a blue light.

Benefits Of Veneers

Dental veneers are the fastest way to make a huge impact on your smile. They are used to hide imperfections and to restore a tooth after damage has occurred. Though they are often considered a cosmetic repair, they are also a restorative repair. Patients may have interest in veneers if their teeth are:
•  Chipped: Teeth can become chipped, cracked and fractured. You can restore their look with dental ceramic veneers.
•  Unevenly Spaced or Have Gaps: Veneers allow us to alter the size and shape of the natural tooth, this includes closing gaps and perfecting the shape with neighboring teeth.
•  Unevenly Sized: Whether you have teeth that are too long or too short, we can alter the size to meet your needs.
•  Discolored: If you have teeth that are badly stained from coffee, smoking, or intrinsic stains from medication use or fluorosis, we can hide the discolored changes with dental veneers, giving you a perfectly beautiful clean looking smile.

Choosing To Get Veneers

Ceramic veneers are a simple way to improve your smile. If you would like more information about dental veneers and how they can alter your smile, contact prosthodontists at 336-274-5400 to make an appointment to get the process started today.

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