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Rendering of removable partial dentureIf you are missing one or more teeth, dentures can help restore your smile, your ability to chew and speak, and even your confidence. At Phillips Prosthodontics, we specialize in both complete and partial dentures. Regardless of which type of denture you need, your restoration will be custom-fit for effective, comfortable, and long-lasting results!

Removable Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is a way to replace missing teeth when a fixed bridge is not an option or when cost is an issue. The missing teeth are replaced with denture teeth bonded to acrylic. Wire or carbon acetyl clasps fit around the adjacent natural teeth for retention. We will analyze and survey the contours of the supporting natural teeth to design the partial denture to be as retentive and supported as possible while minimizing the stress placed on the natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture is designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Complete dentures are comprised of acrylic teeth bonded onto or milled on an acrylic denture base that rests on your supporting bone. Specialized impression techniques are used to ensure your dentures have the best stability and retention possible. We also take steps to customize your dentures based on your preferences. We work with you to either recreate the shape, size, and arrangement of your original teeth, or we can create a new smile based on your wishes. A conventional complete denture can be an excellent replacement for missing teeth. However, if you are interested in additional stability, ask how dental implants can help enhance your denture.

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